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If you have a “talent” does not make it available to others is pity.

GIROCORTO Ciao Film Festival

Since the first edition of 2006 Kunvi has sponsored and actively supported the GIROCORTO Film Festival, born on Guidonia area, to encourage the development of audiviosive arts in schools of all levels.

In the last edition of 2014 more than 350 schools have posted short films, and the winners were rewarded in the final day of the festival.


SGL Non-Governmental Organization

SGL is a non-governmental organization that for nearly 20 years dealing with construction projects of hospitals, schools and accoglianza centers for socially vulnerable people in those areas of the world where even the most basic rights are denied.

We KUNVI over the past 5 years we have supported at no charge, development, maintenance and security of the website, Nonche our experiments have contributed to the reporting phase of the plans and given support during inspections.


Submission May 2, 2015 as the first event in EXPO in Milan, KUNVI LTD is the Tecnológico partner.

“It will be a tool – says the president of the Lombardy Region, Roberto Maroni – food safety for the people who eat food is not controlled but also anti-counterfeiting food”. Damage for the Lombardy companies amounted to 60 billion annually.

Ethics Passport is a kit of agricultural food production electronic document that is used to transmit to the consumer information about the safety of products (under the regulatory, product, nutrition) and the virtuous behavior of companies: respect of animal welfare, energy savings and water, conservation of species and ancient tradition.

Ethics Passport, a product of the Brescia Consortium De Alimentaria Qualitate (DAQ), is a registered trademark in the EU, it has already received acceptances for 500 between production companies and food processing, which should rise to 1,000 by the end of the year.

After having made available ‘Planet Lombardy’, the Lombard pavilion Expo, to promote ethical Passport, Maroni noted that Universal Exposition is also the European Commission. “I wish this tool become something shared by the largest possible number of institutions, associations and citizens. Here in Expo there is also the EU with its own pavilion, would be good to organize a presentation from them also. If the Commission were to say that it is a good thing and would take him as a Community standard, it would be a good result. ”


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